Towards 2013 and Leica M8


Equipment wise 2012 has been a experimental year, leading towards more enjoyment of photography. For many years now I have used DSLR cameras, and been satisfied with it to some amount. Recently I had enough of large lenses, not carrying my equipment on a daily basis because of size and weight. And I missed the earlier days of my very first Olympus OM2, almost always bringing my camera with me.

Therefore I skipped it all some months ago, and enjoyed the pleasure of a smaller camera, the Fuji X100, which by the way is a brilliant camera for street photography i.e. Great quality, and a beautiful design.

But then I sorely missed the possibility of changing lenses, and getting the fine BOKEH of a good old fashioned lens. So what to do if I do nothing, and nothing happens? Taking action. So I did the jump this week, and ordered a little used and very well kept Leica M8 chrome version. I am attending the Thorsten von Overgaard workshop in Paris this spring (late April), and I know this is for Leica fanatics or at least lovers of this great camera. So could I go without having a Leica with me? Of course, but now it will be much more fun, and I have four months to practise the operation of this camera before I go.

The X 100 had to go to fund the new camera, so a final picture done by this camera in this article, showing my father in law and daughter at Christmas eve. I will miss this camera for sure, but getting something more adequate for my needs, and entering the Leica world may not be a bad decision 🙂

Now, is just to wait for the postman delivering the camera… still waiting… … ….

I wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to write and show the Leica efforts and failures learning process I will perform during the next months to come.


4 Replies to “Towards 2013 and Leica M8”

  1. You’ll enjoy it. I only had the time for one of his Leica days, but hope to get along to a full 4 day course with Thorsten at some stage. I’ll have some photos up on my blog later if you’re interested.


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