Black edition X100 two months status

Well, almost two months status it is. But I have now worked with the black edition model of the Fuji X100 in different circumstances and can make a user preview of its performances as seen from my side of the table.
After getting used to the manual settings and the menu and wheel operations, I have not many negative comments to the camera. I still fumbles a little with the menu settings, but I also think that many cameras have these flaws, one way or the other. The Leica users have to get used to the focus system e.g. So all cameras have their pro and cons, one way or the other.

What interests me the most, is the quality of picture produced by a camera. Everything else, one will get used to by working with a camera, if it is Fuji X100, Leica, Nikon or any other camera. The X100 produces excellent pictures in dark and light conditions, and shooting most monochrome doesn’t change the impressive picture quality.
I shoot nearly always at f2.0 because I like a softer picture better than a crystal sharp one. Only at macro mode I change to f2.8 because the camera doesn’t make a good picture in macro at f2.0.
Below a series of photos done in a restaurant with variable light sources. Made in between some television feature filming when time allowed. Just for the fun of it.


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