Bokeh at f 2.0 with Fuji X100

Testing X100 bokeh doing a few shots in the garden tonight to see the bokeh effect of the Fuji X100 lens. A very pleasing results I find, and all pictures done at medium to close distance not using macro setting. The f2.0 works well making a very nice bokeh effect, and added (as I always do with any digital picture) a little sharpening in Lightroom 4 afterwards.
The image colours are wonderful and full, even done with auto white setting although I often set the white balance manually. I will not hesitate using the X100 at f 2.0 in most situations, and only at macro settings it is necessary to step up to 2,8 and above to avoid blurry edges, making an oversoft unsharp looking photo not recoverable with sharpening settings in the post production.

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  1. I do not find the colors very nice… they lack some intensity. Are using a film simu ?
    I guess the light was not great… but maybe with Colors setting put to Hard or Med Hard it helps..
    take care.

  2. Tariq. These pictures are captured in low light and shadow and therefore there are naturally no over sparkling colours. My comment about the richness of colours are because I am impressed that even in such sparse and cold light conditions, using auto white as a test, the colours stills looks rich and pleasing without any post work. To my taste at least 🙂 (Better than my past D700 Nikon under same conditions).
    No post corrections of colours i.e. at these because it was just a very simple test of the bokeh effect at f 2.0

    1. Yes, the X100 is impressive. I was actually referring to the in-camera processing (film simulation, shadow, highlight, colors,..). nor the post-processing.
      I got your point though… It was an instructive and interesting post.


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