Fuji X100

Queens of the night / Nattens dronninger

  Photo reportage for TV2/Fyn from drag show with an audience dressed up and well known Danish celebs as judges. The hair was set, breasts pushed forward and the eight drag queens performed. Queen of the Night the show is named. Fotoreportage fra Nattens Dronning til TV2/Fyn. Dragshow fyldt med festlige publikummer, flotte og dristige …

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Classic Car race

Smukke og hurtige biler indfanget til TV2/Fyn. Havde fornøjelsen af at stå på sidelinien og forsøge at indfange stemningen fra bilræs på Sydfyn, hvor Historisk Motor Sport Danmark arrangerede Hill Climb for bedagede biler. Ældste deltager var 81 årige Jens Åge Preisler, som bor lige ved siden af den afspærrede rute i Skårup, og han …

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Towards 2013 and Leica M8

Equipment wise 2012 has been a experimental year, leading towards more enjoyment of photography. For many years now I have used DSLR cameras, and been satisfied with it to some amount. Recently I had enough of large lenses, not carrying my equipment on a daily basis because of size and weight. And I missed the …

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Christmas at the castle

At the castle of Tranekaer in Denmark, I had the opportunity to make a few photos the other day. All shot with X100 from Fuji. I like this camera better every day I use it 🙂 Some pictures showing the inside of the building and some even with some Christmas mood added.

Black edition X100 two months status

Well, almost two months status it is. But I have now worked with the black edition model of the Fuji X100 in different circumstances and can make a user preview of its performances as seen from my side of the table. After getting used to the manual settings and the menu and wheel operations, I …

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Two Broters B&W

Two Brothers (I guess) playing chess at the local house of cultures. Shot with the Fuji X100. It still amazes me how well the camera works. Silent and precise, with high quality pictures in low light. I hope the brothers didn’t mind that I captured there moment.

The Bishop and the Queen

Yesterday I went to church to cover the insertion of a new Bishop in the region were I live. I had to cover it as TV-cameraman for our regional television broadcaster, TV2/Fyn. I brought my cameras. Fuji X100, and Panasonic DMC-LC1 (same as Leica Digilux 2). “Though an “outdated” camera, it’s a Leica Classic and …

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