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Leica love

Love captured on a photo is a little like lovesongs. You love it or you get bored. These portraits are taken with Leica M8, and are used for previews for a TV-program named “Art and Love”. Artist telling their story about keeping the spirit and love alive during difficult times, and living out their dreams …

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Bokeh versus bokeh

The Japanese produced Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f1,2 is my steady glass mounted on my Leica M8, suitable for most situations. So why is that so? Because it is an affordable peace of glass producing excellent images with small depth of field, covering many tasks such as reportage and street photography. A very fast lens that …

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Leica M8 is like driving a slow car through town

Shooting with the Leica M8 is somewhat comparable with driving a small car like our own Renault Clio through town. A drive yesterday made me think of this. You may not be able to make a fast speed because the engine is small, but it is reliable and will not break down. The M8 is not …

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Colour or B&W?

Some photos works clearly best as either B&W or as colour photo. Sometimes it is not so. This garden photo has a clear impact in the B&W version. The lines are clear and shows elegantly in between the nice unsharp areas. The colour version has equally qualities, but shows more than the form by the interesting …

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Film awards

#SVEND14 Film awards with the most popular film actors of the Danish Film industry took place in Svendborg. At the VIP lounge several great actors visited for interviews for the Danish TV2/Fyn broadcaster. SVEND14 prisuddelingen i Svendborg med de populæreste skuepillere. Flere lagde vejen forbi VIP-området og gav inteviews til TV2/Fyn.

The picture in the picture –

or is it the other way around? Photo from the opening of Danish internationally recognized artist Peter Martensen. The situation at the museum reflected the situation in the painting, and thereby the photo changes from being just a photo recording what happens, to a photo that expands the story. The fictive painting almost becomes reality in …

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Salman Rushdie portrait

Sometimes you are offered the opportunity to meet some interesting people. As I work with television as photographer and cameraman, I from time to time bump in to people who have done something extraordinary. Salman Rushdie is such a person, being a world famous author, not at least after writing the Satanic Verses. Tomorrow he …

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Garden photos

Photographing a garden sounds quite easy and relaxing. But is it so? Capturing the mood and soul of gardens, flowers, trees i.e. is a matter of timing. Like when capturing people. The light is essential, and if you are too late the light and magic disappears. Many amateur gardens photographers just go close and macro, …

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