Det går ikke stille af sig på marken

I dag skulle 200 bisoner flyttes fra en fold til en anden. Det går ikke stille af sig. Det er store dyr. Men: “Bare rolig. Der sker jer ikke noget. De kaster måske bare lidt rundt med jer”. Tak for opmuntringen før bilen satte igang,. Md undertegnede på bagklappen af en pick-up, med frit udsyn …

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Colour or B&W?

Some photos works clearly best as either B&W or as colour photo. Sometimes it is not so. This garden photo has a clear impact in the B&W version. The lines are clear and shows elegantly in between the nice unsharp areas. The colour version has equally qualities, but shows more than the form by the interesting …

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Garden photos

Photographing a garden sounds quite easy and relaxing. But is it so? Capturing the mood and soul of gardens, flowers, trees i.e. is a matter of timing. Like when capturing people. The light is essential, and if you are too late the light and magic disappears. Many amateur gardens photographers just go close and macro, …

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Pigs in space

Pigs in space – or pigs with space it is. Met these clever animals at a road trip looking for something else for my artist wife who uses my photographs for her paintings. So the pigs came back home with me in the M8 too. Leica M8, Nokton 35mm, f 1.2.      


Today the sun stood low over the fields outside our small village. So this picture is a color photo, taken almost right against the sun. Framed avoiding the sun being totally free of the farmhouse to avoid too heavy flare. At f 2.0 the lines at the house i.e. are softened slightly giving a pleasing …

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