Thorsten von Overgaard

Colour or B&W?

Some photos works clearly best as either B&W or as colour photo. Sometimes it is not so. This garden photo has a clear impact in the B&W version. The lines are clear and shows elegantly in between the nice unsharp areas. The colour version has equally qualities, but shows more than the form by the interesting …

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Photography with Thorsten von Overgaard

Shooting Paris with Thorsten von Overgaard Paris in France is a remarkable place to spend time as a photographer. The city is famed for fashion, architecture and culture, and street shooting is a must do there. Danish internationally recognised Leica photographer Thorsten von Overgaard travels worldwide with his highly recommendable workshop for photographers needing skills …

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Towards 2013 and Leica M8

Equipment wise 2012 has been a experimental year, leading towards more enjoyment of photography. For many years now I have used DSLR cameras, and been satisfied with it to some amount. Recently I had enough of large lenses, not carrying my equipment on a daily basis because of size and weight. And I missed the …

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