Cleaning an old Canon LTM lens

Canon LTM 50mm f1.8 lens (shot with smartphone).
Canon LTM 50mm f1.8 lens (shot with Smartphone).

I have newer done this before, and if you do not feel comfortable about it, please don’t try it at home. I did, without knowing how to, and I took a risk. I know that. But I did. Because I had tried to contact two top dealers in Denmark, whom I assumed would be capable of helping me.
I have an old LTM Canon 50mm f1.8 and I experienced some fungus inside. Somehow I needed it to be cleaned because it affected pictures too much. I wrote to the two well established and respected companies about my issue, and was ready to pay for a cleaning of the fungus inside the lens.
First one replied that neither Leica nor Canon would touch it? One down, one to go. The other one replied that it seemed impossible, but if I would take it to them they might have a look at it, but it would cost at least 135 Euro to start with. And then I had to take a long drive to just see if they would take action. I could send it abroad I know, but I was so disappointed that I thought, why not give it try my self. I searched the Internet to see if anybody have done this with this kind of lens, and I found an instruction that was almost useless.
Next step was to do it my self if I could. And I could! With simple tools (a small screwdriver) I carefully disassembled the lens, put everything in order, cleaned the glasses with great care, and put it back together again. With a total of 15 minutes of work the job was done. The lens tested afterwards, and it works perfect with clean and sharp pictures.Attached very simple before and after shots just to show the difference in clarity without adjusting pictures. Shot in low and bad light, and just to see the difference my self. But I post it to show how big a difference the simple action helped me saving this precious lens.
Before cleaning the lens.

Test shot 2, after cleaning.


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