Colour or B&W?

Some photos works clearly best as either B&W or as colour photo. Sometimes it is not so. This garden photo has a clear impact in the B&W version. The lines are clear and shows elegantly in between the nice unsharp areas. The colour version has equally qualities, but shows more than the form by the interesting colours even in the defocused subjects. So what is the better one then? Neither of the photos are better than the other is my answer. It is the same motives but the versions have each their qualities. So it is just about what purpose the photos have. I will keep both versions stored.
I shoot always in both RAW (DNG) for colour photos, and JPEG for B&W side by side. This make me able to choose which version is best – or keeping both as in this example. Why not only shoot RAW (/DNG) and use it for both colour and B&W? The tip is, taken from Danish Photographer Thorsten von Overgaard, that the JPEG actually makes better black and white photos than the RAW-files do. You might miss some rendering in the highlights not refundable so to speak, but this doesn’t matter much in B&W where I do like the whites blown out some places. If necessary there always is the possibility to make a copy of the RAW version if it needed to restore highlights not possible to restore and adjust in the JPEG-file with Lightroom.
The photos are shot with Leica M8, Leica Leitz Elmarit 90mm (1958), f2.8


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