Photographing with Leica M9

morten-rome-2015Leica M9 is my main tool. It has replaced the M8 thatreplaced the Fuji X100 that took over from years with top models of Canon and Nikon DSLR´s (and Canon film cameraes before the digital age). Today I am convinced that the rangefinder M9 qualities will not be replaced by any other camera in my lifetime (maybe).

The quality build camera combined with the amazing Summilux 50mm 1.4 ASPH lens, makes extraordinary pictures with a depth I haven’t seen other camera and lens combinations produce.  As extra lens in my camera bag is an 35mm Voigtlander Nokton 1.2 ASPH lens when needed. Almost never I must admit. Working with the same lens all the time secures I always know at which distance I have to be from my target, to capture the right framing. And I know almost always what the look of my picture will be, because I know my tool through practise.

Besides that, I use Fuji X100s for some tasks, and as a back up camera. But the M9 is the tool. Why not a DSLR then? Because it is way too large and heavy. Also having a multitude off unnecessary functions blocking for  the important features. It is all about light and the M9 lets me be in control precisely and easily.

Also important is the size of the camera, that doesn’t distract when approaching people, and doesn’t block the view so I am able to be in contact with the people I deal with. Or I can have my eyes on what happens, without taking the camera away from my face, ready to shoot any moment to capture the scene. Also the clear viewfinder letting me see more than the frame captures makes me sure I do not miss something.



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