Salman Rushdie portrait

Sometimes you are offered the opportunity to meet some interesting people. As I work with television as photographer and cameraman, I from time to time bump in to people who have done something extraordinary. Salman Rushdie is such a person, being a world famous author, not at least after writing the Satanic Verses. Tomorrow he receives the H. C. Andersen literature prize in Denmark, and we were assigned to do a 15 minutes interview (sharp 15 minutes, as a lady was there with a stopwatch breaking the interview as soon as the time was over).

Salman Rushdie in a relaxed moment with Danish culture journalist Signe Ryge.

So within 15 minutes I had to manage setting up two cameras recording the interview, and find space to shoot a few photos too. Not an ideal situation in closed room with people all around, but that’s the way these things works. The challenge is to find the situations where the expression and mood is right and capture it. Only a few changes will be there, and the light must be right.

All shot with Leica M8, and a Nokton 35mm f1.2 mounted.


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