The M8 highway

With Canon serenar 50mm f. 1.8 from 1963 mounted at Leica M8.
With Canon serenar 50mm f. 1.8 from 1963 mounted at Leica M8.

Starting the gear up, getting ready for a drive down M8. Finally all pieces came together and my newly acquired Leica M8 could be fired up with two new lenses. Actually not two new, but one old and one new lens.I bought the camera body three weeks ago, but received the parts needed to adapt the Canon lens only three days ago, so the waiting time has been some test to my patience.
The old one first to be polite. I was lucky to get hold of a Canon serenar 50mm f. 1.8 lens in mint condition. No haze, no fungus, no scratches. Working perfectly with the visual characteristics from this type of lens. This is a low contrast lens, but not soft. It makes wonderful old fashioned looking pictures, easily added the needed contrast for monochrome I like in Lightroom. Wonderful bokeh at 1.8, which is why I bought this one.
Next is a 35mm Voigtlander Nokton f 1.2. It is the first version and a little heavier and larger than the second generation II, but famed for its low light shooting and narrow depth of field. And not to forget the ability of producing very nice bokeh (out of focus) area. Some told it was a little harsh in the production of bokeh, but I see it as very very pleasing to my eye. There is a lot of almost religious feelings about which lenses are good or bad, but choose solely for your self, looking at what pleases your eyes.
So now it is time to go down highway M8 and see what these new tools are able to perform in my hands. It is my first ever Leica, and some habituation will be necessary the next months.


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